Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thankful Thursday!

I'm very thankful for all God has blessed me with! I'm so thankful for his protection and providing all we need. Today I'm especially thankful for being provided with a washer and dryer and sprayNwash. I'm sooo thankful for this as the giant beef jerky that MageeBoy ate two nights ago is still giving him a hard time. Well, about 5 times this morning. phew! Poor little guy. He's not extremely hungry again yet but surely will get that way soon. He's drinking lots of fluids and for that I'm thankful for too!

I'm also thankful that MageePrincess has two more teeth that have broken through! She's got her top two teeth coming in and I know it's got to hurt and bug her since she's chewing on lots of things right now. :) Can't wait to see how cute she'll look with these new teeth.

Happy Thankful Thursday everyone!

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

MageeFamily 2011 Vacation - Part 4

Need to catch up on our trip? Here's Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and a picture story of our first day. :)

Our last full day in Branson was so nice and relaxing! It was also Father's Day(Sunday, June 19th) and MageeDaddy had received his gift the day before - a shirt to match MageeBoy's shirt and a card from moi and a card that MageeBoy and Princess had decorated. :) That morning for Father's Day, I took the kids to one of the playgrounds at the Wilderness campground that we hadn't been to yet. The first night(Wednesday) of vacation, we visited the playground by the pool and picked up some food for supper at the on-site "general store."

So Sunday we had also planned to have another little birthday celebration for MageeBoy that some family nearby could have fun visiting. While on the playground, Mamaw and Papaw ended up getting to the cabins and we had so much fun with them! After getting a bit tired of playing, we loaded into Mamaw and Papaw's van, went to the "general store" for some supplies and then back to the cabin. I think MageeDaddy had a nice break watching some TV while we were out and about in the campground.

MageeDaddy was back to work grilling hot dogs for lunch when we got back, and MageePrincess and MageeBoy had fun playing with Mamaw and Papaw. After lunch, Aunt Cousin B got there and then MageeBoy had so much fun blowing out candles on his Thomas the Train cake that Mamaw made him(so cute! thank you!!). We had to sing to him I think 3 times because he kept wanting to get to blow out the candles. LOL Then he opened a TON of presents! Aunt&Uncle Fav sent presents with Mamaw and Papaw, Cousin Aunt B completely spoiled both MageeBoy and MageePrincess, and you know Mamaw and Papaw went overboard on our little guy. :) (OH, I can't remember if I talked about Cousin Aunt B coming up on Saturday and hanging out with us at the cabin and eating dinner. It was sooo nice of her to do that! And I had such a good time getting to see her and spend time with her. I miss her lots!)

Here's some pictures from the party... It was fun! I'm pretty sure MageeBoy had a great time!

After saying our goodbyes to Aunt Cousin B, the rest of the party moved to one of the outlet shopping centers. Unfortunately, they didn't have the store Mamaw was looking for but we did get to go into the Coach outlet while the guys were in the tool store and then into Gymboree outlet and WOW! I got some GREAT deals! :) After shopping a little, Mamaw and Papaw had to get back on the road too and were on their way.

By now, it was suppertime. So we drove around looking for a place to eat stopping at Red Lobster first but the wait was 20-25 minutes which I should have gone with(I ran in to check wait times) but rrgh on my part that I said it was too long of a wait. Dur, I wasn't thinking about it being Father's Day weekend and a touristy town. So we looked and looked and then... ended up eating here...

Yes, that is a barn and yes that is a chicken whose leg you have to walk between to get into the front door. LOL Yes, that's Branson. It makes me laugh to think that this was where we ate our last dinner out while in the touristy town of Branson. hahaa!

Monday we woke up, had breakfast, and loaded up Black Doggie. We were all ready to get back to our own beds but had the greatest time on vacation! I liked the themey cabins at the Wilderness (like Billy the Kid's Cabin or the Hatfield's and McCoy's cabins being across the little road from each other). Our cabin was called Pappy's Fishing Cabin. There were all sorts of fishing gear and pictures of the big catch and mounted fish decorating the cabin. It was cute! I'd definitely recommend these cabins to anyone(that isn't allergic to cedar) especially with the stay 4 nights get 1 free deal that was going on while we were there. (Plus we got another 15% off since we have season passes to Silver Dollar City.) Here's some pictures of where we stayed and views from outside the cabin's back deck and front porch...

Loaded up and ready to roll!

That was such a wonderful vacation! The drive back seemed long long long but we did entertain ourselves, especially at pit stops. LOL

We were going to let her drive the rest of the way but she said she was too tired. :)

Happy Summertime to everyone! Hope your travels whether near or far are wonderful!!!

Wordless Wednesday!

Sleepy Baby...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MageeFamily 2011 Vacation: Part 3

Whew! It's taken me a while to get this all together! Here's Part 1, Part 2, and the picture story of the first day posts.

Our Saturday(June 18th) we headed back to Silver Dollar City. We were wanting to see "The Fabulous Wallendas! Famous Family Circus" show. It was GREAT!

Here's what the SDC website says about it...
NEW! The legendary Wallenda family has been thrilling audiences with their daring aerial feats since the early part of the twentieth century. In their first-ever National KidsFest appearance, Guinness World Record High Wire Walkers, The Fabulous Wallendas! Famous Family Circus, conquer gravity as they carry on their incredible family legacy.

Let me tell ya, it was COOL!!!! We were equally amazed by the guy spinning plates on tiny sticks all at once and the showmanship of the man & woman playing drums and the hula hoop woman. WOW! She could hula hoop like 30 at a time and when the guy tossed her more she hula hooped them up her body starting with her feet. Then after her the highwire walkers came out!

WHEW! No nets. No safety harnesses. YIKES! At one point the guys laid down and balanced on the tiny wire and for the grand finale, the two guys came out on bicycles. Between then was a bar balanced on their shoulder contraptions, and on their bar was a chair, and on the chair a woman was sitting on it. For the very end all 3 people stood up - the two on the bikes and the woman standing on the sides of the chair. EEK! I'm not terrified of heights really but that's because I don't stand on chairs balanced on a bar balanced between two guys standing on bicycles balancing on a tiny wire. LOL

The rest of the time at SDC was enjoying what I like to refer to as fair food. You know the artery clogging kind! And trying to stay cool in the heat and visiting the Christmas store one more time(I got to visit it on Thursday too). I didn't see anything else I couldn't live without but had picked up ordaments on Thursday. One for MageeDaddy and I made of olive wood and carved in Jerusalem(wow!); one for MageeBoy carved in the US - a little cowboy snowman; one for MageePrincess of a pink snowman that they wrote her name and date on; and one for the new baby of a cute little baby in a pea in the pod outfit. :) FUN!

Here's a picture of MageePrincess while waiting for daddy and brother outside the Christmas store...

While checking out the Christmas store on Saturday, MageeDaddy and MageeBoy went searching for popcorn. Our little guy wasn't feeling so good and it was the only thing he was interested in eating. So my sweet husband went looking all over SDC for popcorn.(which if you need it there is a popcorn cart near the main square at the entrance)

Here's the giant box of popcorn, and if you look closely you might be able to see my little boy...

By the early afternoon our sweet little babies were hot and worn out and so were we! So we headed back to black doggie(our suburban - a reference to a Patrick Swayze movie). On the way back, MageeBoy decided he wanted to push MageeDaddy in the stroller. LOL
Again if you look really hard over MageeDaddy's right shoulder, you'll see MageeBoy's little head.

After making it back to the cabin we had dinner and tucked in for the night. It was a long, fun, hot day that Saturday and we had lots of fun! More posting about our last official day of vacation to come!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Officially Walking!

MageePrincess is officially walking. I was in the laundry room yesterday and she walked entirely across the kitchen to get to me. Her hands were reaching up about midway through. sigh! Yes, yes, of course I picked her up! :)

Things Toddlers Say...

While playing in sister's room, MageeBoy had a duckie holding a present and a dinosaur facing each other. Then he sang, "Happy Birthday to that green dinosaur! And many mooooooeee!"

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Things Toddlers Say...

While MageePrincess and I were dancing in the living room while MageeDaddy played drums last night, MageeBoy came in with a bag of chips the size of his body. Then he said, "Sister, these are called chips. Chips." LOL Glad he is teaching her things. :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

What Do You Do When...

...your child says they don't believe there is a God?

I just read a blog post about a 10 year old telling her mom that she doesn't believe that a god exists because there is no proof that He does. This really got me thinking. What would I say to my little one regarding this?

Below is my comment reply on the blog but wish I would have known a better answer. We are so ill-equipped as Christians to discuss and argue why we believe what we do. It's easy to say I believe in God because of my feelings(and that is not all) but to someone that has been told over and over through our education system, hollywood, media that God doesn't exist wants more than just a "feeling." And God commands us this...

1 Peter 3:15 But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, 16 keeping a clear conscience, so that those who speak maliciously against your good behavior in Christ may be ashamed of their slander.

Because of my "presuppositions" I believe that there is proof all over the place that God exists - personally and universally. Personally because of answered prayers directly and in the time I hoped for(not always but oh when that happens how amazing it is!); universally because of the wonders of things like birth, sunsets, and well... the universe! :) It's a tough subject to talk about especially when family members disagree. Family members that we love and hope and pray for. And because of what I believe about God's perfect judgement that these people will spend eternity forever seperated from God which is hell. I am thankful though to know that God loves me, loves you, and loves all who turn their backs on Him and wants them to turn to Him. We will just continue to spend our time praying for salvation for those we love and have met along the way and keep our hope in the Lord and His great salvation! Wondering about this salvation? Visit my Love, True Love page on

Here's my reply comment... what would you say to this discussion with a 10 year old?

HI! Oh, this is a question that most people in our generation and the one before have no idea how to face. I am a Christian but although brought up in church was not a Christ follower until about 3(oops I guess 4 years now) years ago.(I'm 35 now) So I had/have a lot to learn about what does it mean to follow Christ. Why do I believe what I do? etc.

I'm an engineer(pre stay at home mom) and initially studied physics in college. So it makes me laugh a little on the inside that people say they follow science not religion. I think people get these confused. Really people should say they follow an interpretation of science based on presuppositions - like whether or not they believe in the existance of a god(s) prior to hearing theories. Anyway, I'm going off on a tangent about logical arguments verses nonlogical and fallacies in arguing between the existance of a god(s) or not.

Back to the point, I would first handle this type of discussion regarding my belief in God with prayer, and then pray some more and search scripture, and pray again. LOL Seriously, prayer is the first answer. Then if my kids were really into science I would visit sites like The people with this organization talk about how the push for the belief in the theory of evolution(note... it IS a theory; regardless of the education system in our country cramming it down our throats) has eroded people's basic belief in truth in scripture which has eroded faith in God. I like the site and really liked the book Discerning Truth by Dr. Jason Lisle. It "provides a practical and engaging resource on the use of logic in this critical debate."

I'm not sure what you believe but it's hard to convince your children of believing in something that you have a lukewarm commitment to. I'm learning that with my kids and it's been a great motivator for me to really decide what is important in life and after life. Hope this information helps. :)

PS Here's one of my favorite verses...

Zephaniah 3:17 The LORD your God is with you,
he is mighty to save.
He will take great delight in you,
he will quiet you with his love,
he will rejoice over you with singing.”

Great Day!

What a great totally unplanned relaxing day today! First on the non-agenda... Daylight Donuts. YUMMMMMM! Then shopping at WallyWorld at 8:30am. Yep, I think this is really the best time to go. The aisles are clear, no crowd, happy morning type people. It was a fun shopping trip! Then to sonic for a breakfast (well brunch by this time) slushie. Yummmmm again! And then we drove around, walked through a house that is being built to see how a particular builder did their work. And we got to talk with some subcontractors about how they did insulation.

Then back home and lunch and naps for MageePrincess and I. Ahhhh! What a great drool-on-the-pillow type nap. You know the kind where you wake up and can't figure out what day it is. LOL By this time MageeDaddy had fallen asleep and MageeBoy came in woke me up and we played outside for a while with the circle pool and sidewalk chalk. FUN! We even got to chat which Neighbor and that was fun!

Then we all woke daddy up from his nap, had some dinner, and play play played! MageeDaddy practiced his drums for tomorrow while my little boy, girl, and I danced. So much fun to watch little toddlers twirl and my little sweet baby swaying with the beat. :) Now everyone is tucked in bed and snoozing away. What a wonderful perfect day!!! :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Things Toddlers Say...

While eating breakfast yesterday, MageeBoy informed me that he could see snails in the backyard. Then while eating breakfast sausages, he let me know that snails eat orange sausages. Who knew?!

MageePrincess Milestone!

A major milestone happened today for my little pretty girl... she went and stayed at Mommy's Day out all day!!! It probably helped that big brother was there. When I first got there, one of the little girls that "helps" her mom that is one of the teachers came up to me and said, "It's MageePrincess! I love this baby!" Then she took my little girl and went right into the playroom. Yep, MageePrincess and I were both like, HUH? But that was the best thing that could have happened and was so great to know that my sweet baby would be just fine! I love the ladies(and the little ladies) that hold the Mommy's Day Outs. You are all truly angels!!! My kids had a blast playing and napping/watching videos and are safe and loved. What a great thing to know!

Another great thing about today being Mommy's Day Out... there were lots of checkmarks on my to-do list by the end of the day! wahooo! Two bathrooms scrubbed down, rooms vacuumed, dishes washed, laundry done, book mailed, and two birthday presents shopped for and found for next month! OH, and I had time to change the name of my facebook fan page to MageeBaby. weeeehhheewwww! All that in about 5-6 hours. I'm so thankful for Mommy's Day Out and for the ladies that take such good care of my babies!!!!!!!!

Hope everyone's Friday has been great!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

MageeFamily 2011 Vacation: Part 2!

This might take a while in posting! :) Here's the Part 1 and the picture story of the first day posts.

Ok, now we are all caught up... day 2 on vacation. MageeBoy didn't feel so good. :( MageePrincess was also a little tiny bit sniffly. They both were hacking and sniffling when they woke up. Later in the trip, I realized (thanks for the input Mamaw and Papaw) that my children, especially MageeBoy, are most likely allergic to cedar. OOPS! Can you guess what the cabin was made of? Yep, cedar. Luckily, they both had slept pretty good the night before so after playing with a "couple" trains MageeBoy had packed(um, yea, every train except a coal car and some cabooses that we talked alot about during the trip) and some toys MageePrincess brought along...

and after breakfast...(YUM!)

we loaded up and headed to Walgreens for some sniffle meds and water toys to use... AT THE WATERPARK! wahooo! Since I bought season passes for both Silver Dollar City and WhiteWater we couldn't not go!

We got there just as the park opened and headed to the cabana rental station where I had reserved one back in April or May for our trip. It was a bit pricey BUT SOOO WORTH IT! We don't live anywhere near a giant type waterpark and probably won't be back to one in a long time so why not splurge a little. Let me tell ya, IT WAS WORTH IT! Oh, wait, I already did. Just want to make sure you get that IT WAS WORTH IT!

The cabana had 4 lounge chairs, an outdoor table with 4 chairs, a locker, and a TV with remote. I was also glad to have rented this because we didn't have to worry about putting our stuff out and then wondering where in the sea of lounge chairs our stuff was, we didn't get sunburned at all with staying in the shade during the worst part of the day for sunburns, when MageeBoy felt really tired and sickly during the middle of the day he and his daddy watched cartoons together while on the lounge chairs, and the location was great just near an older kiddie play area that was fun to run through in the afternoon when MageeBoy was feeling better. I also liked that MageeGirl could crawl around without us having to worry about someone stepping over her or her wandering too far.

Although the little ones were probably too timid and little for the waterpark, we still had a great time overall! :) Our family favorite was the lazy river. MageeDaddy held MageeBoy and I held MageePrincess as we floated along and avoided the watersprays. :) The first time on the lazy river, we went around about 4 times and MageePrincess slept most of the way. LOL It was hard for her to get comfy in the lifejacket but eventually she managed and I just loved getting to hold her while she slept and floating along lazily. Ahhhh vacation!

Sometime after that we had lunch and then after that... ICE CREAM! mmmm! Initially no one was interested in ice cream when I went to go get it, then...

It was fun and funny to share with the babies. MageePrincess mainly scooped the ice cream out with her hand and ate it. It was all over her face/hands/swim shirt and my leg/swimsuit/etc. So I scooped her up when we were done eating it and walked out to the sprayer part and showering water of the area we were in to wash us off. She wasn't too sure about it all especially the time we were out there and the giant bucket tumped over dousing everyone underneath! (I did think that was a blast! Oh, at one point I even got to go down a kiddie slide even though I'm pregnant. teehee)

Other than all that we mainly played in the cabana, rode the lazy river, or played in the water sprayer area and climbed to the top once or twice. It was lots of fun and a great relaxing day(especially after MageeBoy started feeling much better!).

Oh, pictures? Are you asking about pictures?? SURE! I might have taken a few. LOL Here are some of them...

I have to write this one more time... the cabana... WORTH EVERY PENNY! :) Ok, after the waterpark, we drove around a little and headed to Branson Landing. It's the older park of town that's on the river and has been revitalized. WOW! What a great shopping area. We parked in the garage and walked to the other end of the open air shopping so we could see the Bass Pro shop. It wasn't as giant as the flagship Bass Pro in Springfield but still had lots to look at. So while MageeDaddy picked up some things, the rest of us checked out the giant aquarium and surrounding decor of geese, deer, turkey, etc. Pretty cool! After Bass Pro we shopped a little more and then loaded back in the car and drove to the cabin. On the way there MageeBoy fell asleep!

MageeDaddy, MageePrincess, and I ate steak kabobs cooked on the grill which were DELICIOUS! Mmmm. MageeDaddy did lots of grilling on vacation weekend. Since being in the rental house, we haven't had a grill and mmm I sure miss it! It was great having a grill at the cabin - so handy! MageePrincess was soon off to dreamland and MageeDaddy stayed up working on our house plans and we dreamed together about the house we'd like to have. What a great day it was! I'm so happy to have gotten to go on this vacation!

Thank you Lord for these opportunities with my family and getting to spend such good quality time with them!

Thankful Thursdays!

Ahhhhh such a great day! Thankfulness is the soil that joy grows in. Have you ever heard that saying. I like it because it's so true. So what are you thankful for today? Me? Well. I'm thankful a whole bunch today for God's protection - physically, mentally, spiritual, emotionally, and more. Today after MageeDaddy made his long drive home I thought about how thankful I am that God protects him day after day as he drives 45 minutes each way to and from work. That's a lot of hours in the car each day. I'm so thankful for God watching over my love and keeping him safe. I'm also thankful for God watching over us to and from our vacation and that we were safe. OH, and sooo thankful for such a fun vacation!

I love getting to hold onton fun memories with my family whether it's vacation or today just playing with my babies in their rooms with the toys, beanbags, and books. Life doesn't get any better! Thank you Lord for your blessings on me and my family!!!!

PS I'm also thankful this is the verse of the day on I like it. :)

“but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” Isaiah 40:31 NIV

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

MageeFamily 2011 Vacation!

Wahhhhh! It's already over. :(... But it was so much fun! Have you seen the post with all the pics from the first day on our vaca? Click here. :) Although pictures say a thousand words, I still like to blog about it myself. So here's a breakdown of day one. Well, ok day two since we drove all of Wednesday to get to Branson and then unloaded the car and crashed at the cabin!

On day 1 we visited Silver Dollar City and the World's Largest Toy Collection Museum. At SDC, our very first stop was Brown's Candy Factory. Oh, yum! Here's the family relaxing near the main street square eating our delictables... MageeBoy had a giant sucker, MageeDaddy had truffles, and I had mmmm a giant chocolate covered strawberry.

MageePrincess did get a little chocolate from the candy store but seemed pretty happy with her baba. :)

After waiting for a street show to start and deciding to move on before it even did. MageeBoy had been so excited about the idea of getting to ride the train we stopped by the station but it was packed so we wandered down the road to the Magic show. It was cute! We ate some kind of skillet creation while watching that show which was delicious!

By this time, the train station had cleared out because we just barely missed the cutoff for the next train ride so we decided to sit and wait for the next ride. It was worth the wait because we got to sit in the very first seats! FUN! And we got to see how the little engine worked when the engineer opened a metal door and flames were dancing around in the compartment. I didn't expect that. We also didn't expect him to have to push so many leavers or turn so many knobs to keep it going. I guess I just assumed it was some gas powered lawn mower type engine but this little train was legit! Cool!

Waiting waiting waiting and sooo excited!

Fire! yipes!

Ahhh, front row seating! too fun!

Knuckled bumping with the engineer. LOL

I'm not sure what all we did next, seems like we went to the grand exposition to have MageeBoy officially measured to see what rides he could ride and on the way there stopped for some ice cream. He wasn't too interested in the rides so we just enjoyed sitting under the gazebo and people watched and little MageeGirl took a nap. It was nice not having to do anything but relax and fun to watch MageeBoy eat his ice cream cone and splash in puddles. :)

After that I think is when we went to the Stunt Dog show. WOW! Amazing what they trained these puppies to do. And all the dogs were rescued from shelters/pounds. It was a cool show(music a bit too loud for me though). My favorite was watching the agility race which is so much fun to watch on TV too. I'm pretty sure MageeBoy thought it was cool; MageePrincess was interested too and kept saying Doow, Doow!("dog").

After that show we wandered around some more, not sure what else we saw or did except had lunch at a sandwich shop. By around 3 or 4 we were all tired and getting a little cranky from not much sleep the night before and decided to come back later that weekend. So we packed up and headed to the toy museum. Whew! There were tons of different collectibles anything from the original G.I. Joe dolls action figures to garfield to trains and everything in between. MageeBoy stood in front of one of the train displays for a long long long time. He was worried about one of the train cars that was off the track and talked about how someone was going to fix it. sweet. It was an impressived amount of toys and collectibles but maybe better for older kids and grown ups that love toys. Still we had fun!

After that we went to eat, I can't remember where. Maybe that was Dairy Queen night.(yum!) Then we went to the cabin and all crashed super early. Everyone slept sooo good that night. It was great!

More on the Branson trip in posts to come!

Wordless Wednesday!

A photo story of our big family vacation for this year to Branson... :)

And all but the first picture was just day one of vacation! :)