Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Prayer Request to All My Bloggy Friends...

If MageePrincess later in life has a serious aversion to doctors or hospitals or even a pharmacy, I would not be surprised. For the last 4+ weeks we have been to a doctors twice a week... for I don't remember what, then for a weird bump on her middle left finger that turned out to be a wart, to get wart removed, to the doctor for cough and infection, then for bronchitus, for 18month checkup and recheck lungs and then across street to get an x-ray, and then we'll be going back on friday for a lung recheck and also maybe more blood work.

Oh joy. Bloodwork. It took 3 nurses to hold her down and I just had to leave the room to cry. Not cool. SO NOT COOL to see them pin her down. And the x-ray? Oh, what sicko thought up this toddler torchure device. I know they have to keep her stable to get a good x-ray but please! there has to be some better way to do this than strapping(literally) an 18 month old into this midevil looking device with her arms straight up and her legs dangling under the table. SO NOT COOL.

Why taking her blood? Oh, did I mention she isn't gaining weight and is losing weight compared to her last physical? So not only are they pumping out 5 viles of blood but are telling me she's too skinny and a "failure to thrive baby". WELL, people she just lost a half a pound in blood! grrrr!!! And now I'm worried about her starving to death. Tonight she wouldn't eat dinner. Sigh. She just kept asking "candy, candy." I had 3 different side dishes for her to choose from plus ham and plus cookies and ice cream after dinner. She took one bite of ham, spit it out and said "candy."

She's still pulling her hair out. Yes, literally out in little clumps. I was feeding MageeWT and couldn't pick her up and she looked at me then stood beside me and started twirling her hair and yanked it out. I thought she had stopped pulling out her hair several weeks ago and it was starting to look like it was growing back nicely. I don't know what to do. Ok, I do know what to do - pray. And I'm so thankful for mommy counsel from my very own mom who told me that I wouldn't gain any weight at that age and was "eating anything that wasn't nailed down and still not gaining weight so don't let them get to you because she isn't following what some chart says she should do". That was the most encouraging phone call I've had in so long! I was crying and those words from my mom just helped lift me back up.

Please pray for me to do whatever I need to as a mom to help my daughter and sons. Please pray for my baby girl that she'll be healthy and that she'll stop pulling her hair out and for her protection. Please pray for my little boys too that they will be healthy as well!!! (and for my husband)